Meet “Keto” Jen…

Hello there, Keto friend!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

So my Keto story started in December of 2017 thanks to dear co-worker friend of mine, Judy.

I’m forever grateful to her for inspiring me to try something new and amazing. It’s changed my life in such a wonderful, healthy way.

I’m not saying it’s always easy (life isn’t) but my outlook on how I eat and what I eat has dramatically changed.

Honestly, Keto for me, is a lifestyle decision to consciously eat right on a daily basis. Keto is a journey. It’s not some diet fad for me.

It’s part of me…

It’s my life.

It’s saved me from yo-yo dieting, horrible body image issues, feeling bloated and full all the time and not consuming so many not-so-good carbs.

You don’t even have to do Keto 100% to gain the good and lose the bad. Seriously!

Life is too short.

So please, make sure you have a donut or pizza once in awhile. I’m such an advocate of allowing yourself to splurge a tiny but (just not all the time).

Plus, once your body gets used to the Keto eating way, trust me on this, your body will be repulsed by the bad stuff that you won’t hardly eat it anymore because of how it makes you feel.

How amazing is that?

Your body wants the good stuff. It just has to learn and adapt to NOT eating the abundance of carbs it once did. And it will. Mine did.

Check out my Ketotastic! Guide here

Cheers to your success!