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Ketotastic Guide

​Introducing The Exclusive Keto Guide For Beginners...

A Simple Step-By-Step Quick Start Guide To The Ketogenic Diet

​A Special Message To You From "Keto" Jen
Keto Enthusiast, Author, Proud Wife, Coffee Lover

I'll be honest, my journey to discovering the Keto Diet was a path that took over 10 years of trial and error.

If you're like me, you've probably tried all types of "Fad" diets or even extreme workout programs. 

Have you ever heard of the Beach Body programs like Insanity or Focus T25?

These are extremely intense workout programs that can give you amazing results, but the levels of workout intensity, well, are INSANE to say the least. 

Many years ago I did these types of programs, and yes...I got results.

But I also found them to be very hard (and even damaging) to my body. And following these types of intense workout programs on a regular basis simply was not realistic. 

As I moved beyond these types of crazy workout programs, the weight came right back. I'm sure you can relate. 

"Fad" diets work the same way...

They usually involve extreme ways to eat.

You can't eat this, you can't eat that.

And many times you feel like you're simply deprived when it comes to eating the things you once loved. 

As I continued to get older, and I finally realized that fad diets or extreme workout programs were not a realistic way to both lose weight and stay healthy.

I knew that I had to find a much ​more natural method to lose weight and to feel ​better in my own body. 

In fact, my BIGGEST driving force behind my decision to go with a Ketogenic (Low Carb) Diet wasn't necessarily to lose weight.

I really didn't consider myself hugely overweight by any means, but I did have some extra pounds I wouldn't miss if I lost them. 

The biggest reason for my switch to a Ketogenic Diet had to do with the way I FELT, not so much how I LOOKED...

I was tired of feeling so bloated after eating. I was also tired of, well, being super tired after I'd eat a plateful of warm, yummy pasta. 

When I'd researched the Ketogenic Diet, there were so many amazing things that instantly appealed to me...

I loved the fact that I could eat a lot of the same things I'd been eating (Bacon, Turkey, Hamburger, Veggies, Nuts, Salads, etc).

I also loved how following a Keto Diet didn't involve slaving away at a gym or having to follow an extreme workout program like Insanity in order to lose weight. 

The diet ALONE was enough to transform my health and weight, even if I didn't follow it 100% perfectly every day. 

As I began my journey into eating "Keto Friendly" in late 2017, I quickly realized that I had to do a lot of research to figure out what to eat, how to eat, how not to eat, and to also fully understand things like what Ketosis is, "Keto Flu", Ketones, and other various things about the diet. 

I won't lie, this all got a bit overwhelming, but I eventually learned.

Fast forward to ​the present, and I now consider myself very knowledgeable about the Ketogenic Diet and have even begun to help others achieve ​great success as well. 

Not only have I lost a lot of weight (for me) with this diet, but I've also experienced...

  • An abundance of seemingly endless energy and personal vitality every single day
  • Much more mental clarity and less "brain fog" than I once battled on a regular basis
  • I feel so much lighter after I eat meals now, and never bloated or uncomfortable
  • My levels of happiness and contentment in my life when eating is ​very satisfying
  • I rarely get sick. I've found my immune system to be much stronger than ever before
  • I love how I can eat foods that are good for me, and are packed with rich nutrients
  • "Bathroom issues" like constipation or IBS are becoming much less ​of a problem
  • Clothes fit much easier now and I'm proud of who I am when I look in the mirror

​Now that Keto has literally changed my life from the inside out, I wanted to create something I'd wish I'd had when I first started out following a Ketogenic Diet. 

I wanted to create ONE great "how to" Ketogenic Guide for people just like yourself who want to know exactly how to "Go Keto" in order to lose weight, and feel great both mentally and physically in the shortest time possible. 

And now, that's exactly what I've created just for you...

Ketotastic! A Simple Step-By-Step Quick Start Guide To The Ketogenic Diet is my exciting new ​downloadable digital guide to help you get on the "Fast Track" to success with the Keto Diet. 

This is a complete all-in-one guide that covers all the most critical tips, tricks and methods to "Going Keto" the smart and realistic way so you can drop those unwanted pounds, and simply feel amazing by making just a few ​(and very healthy!) changes to your diet. 

Here's just a quick sneak peek of what you'll discover inside this information-packed guide when you invest in your own copy​ below..

  • ​Find out exactly what the Ketogenic Diet is, as well as the different TYPES of Ketogenic Diets (that you may not even be aware of!)​
  • Discover how "Fuel Utilization" works inside the body. This is one of the most fundamental principles of a Ketogenic diet that you need to understand!
  • ​Dive deep into Keto by getting a better understanding of how Lipolysis, Ketosis, and Ketoacidosis all work within your body to help you lose weight and feel amazing!
  • What does SCIENCE actually reveal about the Ketogenic Diet? What you'll discover may shock you. I'll go into more detail on the latest findings!
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​Discover the HUGE health benefits you'll experience by changing over to a more Keto-friendly diet. The benefits simply speak for themselves!
  • Will reducing your carb intake make a positive or negative impact on your own appetite? I'll explain the impact in greater detail (and also talk about The Leptin Equation and Blood Insulin Levels)!
  • Find out EVERYTHING you really need to know about carbohydrates! I'll cover them all, from SIMPLE carbs to COMPLEX carbs...and the most important "must know" information!
  • What is the Glycemic Load and Glycemic Index? And how does it impact your own health when you start following a Ketogenic Diet? I'll explain it all in simple terms for you!
  • I'll show you exactly how to calculate the impact of carbs, the role of fiber in your Keto diet, and even touch on vital Macronutrients in Ketosis! This is a must for anyone who's serious about Keto!
  • Discover the REAL truths about fats, including how they work in your body, as well as what are the best fats and what should be your most optimal fat intake!
  • Dread hitting the grocery store and not fully knowing what you should buy? I'll give you a simple Low Carb Food Shopping list, and give you simple recommendations to help!
  • Find out how to load your diet with tasty fish, poultry, nuts, and more the right way - and get a better understanding of what kinds of snacks and drinks you can also include in your diet!
  • ​I'll show you the EXACT high carb foods you need to avoid like the plague! These are a big no-no when it comes to going Keto. I'll reveal them all to you!
  • Do you worry about eating out at your favorite restaurant or fast food joint? Fear no more! I'll show you the best "plan of attack" so you can order in confidence and not fear your breaking any Keto rules!
  • ​​​​Discover helpful information about testing for Ketones, optional supplementation to help you get even greater results, and so much more!
  • And finally, I'll answer some of the most Frequently Asked Questions I get from readers and subscribers and answer them for you (and give you my personal thoughts)!

Ketotastic! A Simple Step-By-Step Quick Start Guide To The Ketogenic Diet​ is a 78-page downloadable ​guide that's chock full of only the best Keto Diet information you need (and without the fluff or filler of most informational products). ​This guide is perfect for someone who is completely new to the Ketogenic Diet, or for someone who simply wants to learn even more about the fundamental principles of this effective diet. 

Invest In Your Copy Right Now And I'll Give You These 5 Exclusive BONUSES...

​I want to make sure to "cover all the bases" for you when it comes to getting a solid foundation with the Ketogenic diet. ​With that being said, I'm also going to give you full access to these extra bonus guides and handy infographic checklists that I know you'll find very valuable and beneficial as well...


148 Low Carb Foods Shopping List (Plus Infographic!)

​This useful shopping list will help you remove all the guesswork of what you need to buy the next time you venture out to the grocery store. Now you'll know the exact Keto-friendly foods you need to focus on, as well as get a detailed breakdown of the carb-count for each of these tasty foods!

Simply print it off, and take it to the store with you!


100 LOW CARB SWAPS CHEAT SHEET (Plus Infographic!)

​Still worried that you can't eat many of the same foods you've always loved now that you're "Going Keto"? Fear not. Here are 100 low-carb food "swaps" you can quickly replace for your current foods that still taste amazing, and will help you drop those unwanted pounds to feel better than ever!

You'll be shocked at how useful this little guide is!



​This nifty little checklist guide will quickly give you helpful pointers and information in order ​for you to determine how to figure out Net Carbs, understand which fats you need (and how much), know the right amounts of proteins you should consume, and even more! 

This is the perfect checklist for any Keto enthusiast!



​Now you can have quick access to a very colorful and information packed infographic that'll show you all the vital information you need about carbs, fats, proteins and more in one sheet! Print it out and stick it to your fridge and you'll be good to go!  

This very handy infographic makes going Keto a breeze!



​​You're probably well aware of the standard food pyramid, but what about a Keto Food Pyramid? Now thanks to this useful infographic, you'll get a clear understanding of the right balances of fats, dairy, proteins and more you need to consume with one glance. This is another perfect addition you can add to your own fridge! 

​Print the Keto Pyramid and add it to your fridge for easy reference!

Here's How To Get Instant Access To All of These Fantastic Keto Guides and Bonuses Right Now...

I wanted to create all of these guides to help you get on the right path with the Ketogenic Diet.

My #1 goal was to create multiple guides, checklists and more to help you make this journey not only as simple as possible, but to help you lose weight and feel great in a much shorter amount of time.

The value of all of these guides and the information they contain is more than just a price tag. If you think about all the positive impacts this information will have on your own health, well-being and happiness with your own body, then it's priceless.

I want you to get instant access to all of these guides right away and without having to spend a small fortune or break your bank account. That's why I've priced all of this information super low for you - with no extra fees or hidden costs.

Your investment to download the main Ketotastic! guide plus all 5 exclusive bonus guides is only one easy investment of $​​50 - ONLY $​34

That's it.

​As a quick reminder, here's exactly what you'll get when you purchase below...

  • Ketotastic! Step-By-Step Quick Start Guide To The Ketogenic Diet (Downloadable Guide)

  • 148 Low Carb Foods Shopping List (Plus Printable Infographic)

  • 100 Low Carb Swaps C​heat Sheet (Plus Printable Infographic)

  • T​he Ketogenic Diet Checklist (​Downloadable Guide)

  • T​he Ketogenic Diet Checklist (Printable ​​Infographic)

  • T​he Ketogenic Food Pyramid (​Printable ​​Infographic)

  • A Complete 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee


To make your purchase right now in order to get instant access to all the downloadable guides right away, simply click on the button below to place your secure order...


I want you to be completely satisfied with your investment of the Ketotastic! guide and bonuses.

With that being said, I want to offer you a complete 60 day 100% ​money back satisfaction guarantee on your purchase. If you're unhappy with your purchase for any reason, please let me know and I'll happily not only refund your purchase in full, but you'll also get to keep all the guides as well. ​This way all the risk is on me, not you.

This is how confident I am in this information, and how much it will benefit you.

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